Julia B Cadau

Bio / CV

I left native Sardinia at 19, hoping to find a way to express myself creatively in London. After completion of my Art and Illustration studies, I started dedicating more time to music, and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m mainly a rock/metal bass player, but I also write weird existentialist songs that might see the light as a personal project one day.

Current gig/show(s)

Touring Europe with ‘Angel Nation’ to promote our second album ‘Aeon’. Starting in London on the 14th December, at the Boston music rooms. Night Screamer have taken a break from gigging, but we are now working on our first album and should hit the stage at some point soon. 2018 will definitely be a busy year.

Notable musicians/bands/shows you have played for/with/in?

I play in Melodic Metal band ‘Angel Nation’ and  Heavy Metal band ‘Night Screamer’. No session work for now, I tend to turn down anything that isn’t something I would choose to listen to myself.

Which model Overwater bass do you play?

My bass is a gorgeous Aspiration Deluxe V.

Why do you choose to play Overwater basses?

It ticks all the boxes. Apart from the great craftsmanship, it’s got this punchy, aggressive tone that’s just perfect for the type of music I play. It was my first 5 string bass, I felt a connection right away which made the transition from a 4 string to a 5 much easier. Plus, it looks badass.

How long have you owned an Overwater bass?

I’ve had mine since early 2015. It might not seem like a long time, but i’s kind of a record for someone who used to switch instruments all the time. Love it!


Photography credits to:
Lauri Moilanen / Mark Kultajev