Pol Cruells Raurich

Bio / CV

I started playing bass as a teenager. During those days I was influenced by many pop and rock bands but I have to admit I still am a big ‘Sting’ fan. Catalan bass player Carles Benavent, has also been a big influence for me.

Based around Barcelona, I studied jazz and modern music during the 90’s and also upright bass, which I use for more acoustic sets. From then to nowadays, I have played many styles of music which goes from Soul to Traditional, and even Folk Dance music.

Currently I play bass and sing on my own repertoire, a mixture of mediterranean folk and bluegrass, but also work with other musicians as a session bass player.

Current gig/show(s)

I am in tour with a Catalan pop band called “Els Amics de les Arts” to present their fifth studio album, which has been produced by Tony Doogan in Glasgow. We will be playing mainly around Catalonia and Spain, but we will also be somewhere around Europe.

Which model Overwater bass do you play?

I play an Overwater Jazz Series, Scott Devine model, with some custom changes as it is a 32” scale (not 33”). It also has other custom details as the all black hardware, lollypop tuners, and no dots on the fretboard.

Why do you choose to play Overwater basses?

I fell in love with the idea of playing with the narrower string spacing of the SDJ model, and also with the opportunity of having a medium scale custom made bass. Chris May and Martin Lee really considered my custom petitions and did a superb job. At this moment I am using a tenor tuning (A, D, G, C) on that bass and it is absolutely wonderful to play chords on it. I could not be happier!

How long have you owned an Overwater bass?

I got my Overwater on October 2015.


Photography credits to:
Marta Escolà Christian Schindler / Joan Locubiche.