Andy Palmer

Bio / CV

With an excellent CV behind him built over some 30 years and a graduate from the prestigious ICMP, Andy enjoys a career in the world of Bass providing a solid and reliable service to songwriters, bands and producers alike.

As a reliable and trustworthy player, Andy has shared the professional stage and studio with many respected artists and producers from across the globe and has recorded within the hallowed walls of Abbey Road.
With his versatility, passion and enthusiasm for his craft Andy remains a busy and in demand player.

Current gig/shows?

Absolution – Award winning Blues Rock Power Trio
JC Ryan – Singer Songwriter
The Confessions – High end Soul – Funk Function /Party Band

Notable musicians/bands/shows you have played for/with/in?

Jose Maria Cano ( Mecano Spain )
Jay Stapley ( Roger Waters Mike Oldfield )
John Rhino Edwards – Jeff Rich ( Status Quo )
Chuck Sabo (Natalie Imbruglia)
Hanoi Rocks ( support act )
Crissy Lee ( Legendary Lady Drummer )
…and the list continues to build.

Which model Overwater bass do you play?

Left Handed Overwater Custom J5

Why do you choose to play Overwater basses?

As a left handed bass guitarist, my basses of choice do not come around very often.
I had been looking for quite some time for a bass that has the flexibility in all situations to offer a broad spectrum of tones appropriate for the style or genre of songs
I wonder how I managed to get by for so many years without my Overwater – Life is easier !

How long have you owned an Overwater bass?

About 2 years now .