Scott Devine

Bio / CV

“Back in the mid 90’s I was working as an apprentice luthier for Overwater Basses… The experience changed my life and without it would have never found the bass… “

Now with over 20 years experience as a freelance bass player, and half a million aspiring bass players from beginners through to full time professionals following his lessons every month, Scott is the most widely followed bass educator in the world.

In 2010 he founded which quickly became the largest educational platform for bass players on the web, followed by launching the SBL Academy in 2013.

He has taught thousands of students around the world, lectured and spoken at multiple music schools and universities, and is constantly striving to take online bass education to the next level.

Current gig/show(s)

Currently involved in his own recording projects working with some of the finest musicians in the world.

Notable musicians/bands/shows you have played for/with/in?

George Fame, Dennis Rollins, Martin Simpson, Adrian Ingram, Gary Boyle, The Drifters, The Four Tops, Peter Grant, plus lots of high level jazz artists and theatre shows…

Which model Overwater bass do you play?

Scott Devine Signature series, Overwater J Series Scott Devine Model 4 string, Custom Expression Semi Acoustic and a Custom P Series.

Why do you choose to play Overwater basses?

Because they’re the best in the world at what they do.

How long have you owned an Overwater bass?

Since 1996!


Photography credits to:
Gav Harrison