About Overwater

It’s now over thirty years since we began building basses in our first little Overwater factory unit, high up in the Pennine hills, close to the ancient Market town of Alston in Cumbria. Our aim, then as now, was to build the finest instruments we could – always developing, always learning from our customers and responding to their needs, with an attitude of constant improvement…


Over the years the Overwater name has become synonymous with the finest hand crafted bass guitars and to date we have produced over three and a half thousand instruments in the UK.

My background combines periods as an engineer, musician, designer and instrument technician and I have always always kept close ties with both sides of the music industry and I have been lucky enough to work closely with many leading Jazz and Rock musicians, both in the UK and further afield.

Our reputation that has spread throughout the world, Overwater bass guitars continue to draw the attention of discerning musicians, both amateur and professional and our objective remains, as it always has; to offer the creative musician the best means by which he or she may express their art.

In more recent years Overwater activities have broadened to include design and manufacture of other bass specialist products, instruments and own brand Overwater strings and accessories; including a range of ‘mid price’ basses – designed by Overwater and manufactured and distributed in partnership Tanglewood Guitars.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to treat electric basses fundamentally as acoustic instruments first.

By combining the properties of selected tone woods we create a resonant, naturally balanced instrument – with a fundamental tone that comes directly from the wood.

Our electronics, although designed to produce a clean, quiet, full range output signal and offer the player a versatile and usable means of adjusting the tone and dynamics their sound, they are never the less configured as a conduit by which the natural character of the instrument and the players technique can be transferred to their chosen means of amplification.

Over the years we have worked with musicians from many musical, cultural and stylistic backgrounds, learning directly from players and aiding the development of a range of basses that will fit into most styles of music and techniques of playing. And now, our new Aspiration Series, hopefully bring our instruments within the range of every bass player.