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Overwater Interviews – Trevor Barry

Overwater Interviews: A Session with Trevor Barry – The Groove Master Behind Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With The Stars We are thrilled to host the phenomenal Trevor Barry, the seasoned bassist who lays down the groove on the hit show Strictly Come Dancing (known as Dancing with the Stars in the USA). Join us as we explore Trevor’s remarkable career the intricacies of his custom Overwater Progress Bass, and gather invaluable advice for aspiring bassists looking to make a mark in the industry.

Overwater Interviews – Chris Attwell

Overwater artist Chris Attwell sits down with Dan Ezard to discuss studying with Gary Willis, Playing complex music and his own project Valmuz.

Overwater Interviews – Paul Geary

The bassist behind artists like Nick Kershaw, Lisa Stansfield, and George Michael tells Dan Ezard about his Overwater Basses, how to excel at music college and gives tips on posture and technique for bass guitarists.

 Overwater Interviews – Sandy Beales 

Sandy Beales – Behind the Music In this episode of ‘Overwater Interviews’, Dan Ezard sits down with Sandy Beales, the bassist and musical director for artists such as JP Cooper, One Direction and Scouting For Girls.

Overwater Interviews – Chloe Peacock

In our latest ‘Overwater Interviews’ episode, Dan Ezard is joined by Chloe Peacock, renowned for her work with Alana Springsteen, Gina Larner and, until recently, with Remember Monday. This interview covers: – Effective techniques for managing singing and playing bass. – Highlights from Chloe’s career in the music industry.

Overwater Interviews – Zoltan Dekany

The bassist behind The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The BBC Big Band and some of your favourite West End Shows sits down with Dan Ezard for another ‘Player to Player’ interview.



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