Lazarus Michaelides

Bio / CV

Lazarus is a freelance Bass Guitarist – doing session work, tutoring and performing around the UK! Lazarus has played on/with a variety of shows/acts spanning multiple genres including: – Blues (Jack J Hutchinson Band) – Heavy Metal (To Light An Abyss, Immortalus) – Soul (The Soulmates, Moncrieff) – Pop (The Silver Linings) – Jazz (Andrea Rinciari’s Jazz Trio) – Musical Theatre (Little Shop Of Horros, Hairspray, Gargantua) – Britpop (The Girl From Mars) – Wedding & Function (The Jukebox Project, The Locals, The Mojo Rising) – Tribute Acts (Wrong Jovi) Lazarus’ most notable session was recording a demo for modern Pop artist, John Newman in West London  as well as numerous sessions for modern Soul artist, Moncrieff. Lazarus’ Online Remote Sessions have seen him record for acts all over the world including artists from New York (USA), Nova Scotia (Canada) and Sydney (Australia) among other places. As well as the sessions, shows and performances, Lazarus teach Bass, Guitar and Music Theory privately in London. Currently, Lazarus is Musical Director and Bassist for touring Britpop Theatre Show ‘The Girl From Mars’ who are on their 2016 UK Tour with upcoming shows at theatres in Brighton, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Swindon, Chesterfield and Colchester from September until November 2016.

Notable musicians/bands/shows you have played for/with/in?

Jack J Hutchinson Band
John Newman (Session)
Saffron, vocalist of Republica
Little Shop Of Horrors (Show – Paddington)
Hairspray (Show – Earl’s Court)
The Girl From Mars
Gargantua (Show – Bedford)
Moncrieff (Modern Soul Artist)

Which model Overwater bass do you play?

Overwater Custom J Series Bass
Overwater Perception Fretless

Why do you choose to play Overwater basses?

I purchased my Overwater Jazz Bass from my tutor (and Overwater endorsee) Philip Mann. I remember watching him use it during lessons and on stage and the variety of tones and sounds that he could produce from the Overwater were incredibly varied and diverse!

As soon as he put the bass up for sale, I snapped it up and have never looked back. I felt so comfortable playing this bass that I wondered if the comfort was due to it being a handmade instrument – so I played some other basses made by similar companies, but I never felt as comfortable or as satisfied as I do playing my Overwater Jazz. So, naturally, when it was time to purchase a Fretless Bass I went straight to Overwater and, just like my Jazz Bass, the Fretless feels so comfortable and perfect for my playing style!

The variety of tones you can get from Overwater’s preamp cater to every gig I do and have never let me down – whether I want to sound like Jamerson, Jaco or Marcus – my Overwaters get me incredibly close!

Chris is famous for his quiet preamps and these are another big part of my love for Overwaters – due to the fact that my bass is 100% silent (when not in use!) for my Musical Theatre gigs.

Aside from the quality of the Basses, Chris, Martin and Kirsty are so incredible to work with and to know. Martin would regularly send me photos of the progress of the bass being built, whilst Kirsty would keep me up to date with the shipping process and Chris gave me a phone call to discuss the electronics before he put them in! For these reasons, having an Overwater built for you feels so incredibly personal that it does not feel like any other bass and for these reasons, I am sure that I will be using Overwaters for a long time.

How long have you owned an Overwater bass?

Since 2014.



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