Here we are aboard a rocket ship racing through 2021, We’re at the start of March already and we haven’t had time to take a breath – but despite everything, what a start to the year it has been with orders flying in, keeping Chris and our team in the workshop very busy.  

In many ways we’ve been lucky – but still it has been a very tough year for everyone and particularly those of us working in the arts and entertainments industries and profoundly effecting the many thousands of performers and musicians relying on live performance for their livelihood…  

However, with spring on the horizon (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere) and the prospect of events starting to open up again, hopefully things will start to look more positive and live performances begin to return as we go further into this new year! 😄

In the meantime, here’s some of our top builds from 2020 for you to feast your eyes upon- If there’s anything that particularly catches your attention, or that you’d like more information about, feel free to contact us here.


Kicking off the list we have this Custom Series J5 in a stunning Metallic Orange and Black livery.

The 21 fret Maple fingerboard, Ebony neck binding and block inlays really add the finishing touches to this striking and contemporary take on a classic design!

Next up, here is a rather special Custom Series fretless Progress we built back in the summer: Fully MIDI compatible via an onboard Roland BG3 system and incorporating a full adjustable ‘ramp’ also housing a pair of our SB5 dual coil pick-ups and powered by our flat response preamp and super flexible onboard 3 band EQ.

Here we have a Contemporary J5 with a Two Tone Satin Sunburst finish on a figured Maple topwood. Fitted with OW Dual Coil SB5 pickups and OW 3 Band EQ, this bass is a balanced machine across all applications!

This particular bass is still available for purchase in our webshop, maybe now is the time to head over there and buy it before it’s gone!

Check it out here!

Following that we have this Progress Series IV Standard 5-String – with a Swamp Ash body, stunning Quilted Mahogany facings and a maple neck and fingerboard.

Loaded with a set of our Overwater SB5 Dual Coil  Pickups and Active 3-Band EQ.

Check out this Custom Hybrid meets Contemporary J-Series! With all the spec of a 24-Fret J-Series mixed with the angled headstock of a Hybrid Series. Loaded with Overwater P5 and MM5 pickups and 3-Band EQ.

But the real stand out for this bass has to be its stunning Turquoise Blue burst finish over a Swamp Ash body.

Next we’ve got the newest addition to the Overwater Lineup, the Hollowbody!

This fretted 6-String variant features a 3 piece quarter sawn Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard, Swamp Ash body and a carved Walnut top with matching pickup covers and knobs!

Following that we have this Hybrid Custom 6-string! Sporting a Swamp Ash body with a stunning Cocobolo top and Ebony fingerboard, coupled with Overwater Noiseless stacked single pickups, flat response preamp’ and an active 3-band EQ section, together offering the modern player a wide diversity of creative possibilities…

Next up is this Standard Series Progress 5 which flaunts a Figured English Alder facings on an American Red Alder body as well as a very fetching Birdseye Maple fingerboard!

Last – and by no means least – this Hybrid Custom 5. Holding a set of overwater SB5 Pickups and Active 3-Band EQ, and displaying a tasteful amount of bling with it’s gold machine heads and bridge saddles.

But the centerpiece to this bass has to be its stunning Figured Walnut topwood!

Feeling inspired?   Well, email us directly at to discuss options – or visit our social media pages (Facebook & Instagam) for more ideas – we’ll be looking forward to hearing from you…


It’s always an exciting challenge for us when players come to us and ask “Is it possible to…..???” as it allows us to stretch our design muscles and set to work on the drawing board to figure out exactly how we can accommodate new ideas, or new needs into our bass builds. After over 40 years of designing and building instruments, Overwater continues to evolve through customer driven design. As with every year, 2020 presented us with a crop of interesting new design challenges, but this year, these were set against a world of chaos brought to us by COVID-19.

We’re so proud to say that we’re producing some of the best instruments we’ve ever made, and we’re even more proud of the way we’ve pulled together as a team to keep production – and each other – going, but what we’re most proud of is how the Overwater family rallied to support each other through the worst of what 2020 threw at us.

In the grand scheme of things, a new bass may not seem like the most important thing in life (gasp!!!) but, when you’ve just finished a 12-hour shift in the Emergency Unit and had to drive over two hours to get home, seeing a snapshot on Facebook or Instagram of your new Overwater taking shape on the bench might be the one thing that lifts your spirits and helps you look forward to the next day. Or perhaps you’re a professional player who made the decision to go ahead with a custom build because it was a sign to yourself to have enough trust and faith in the future for the day when you would be back performing in front of a live audience.

While the world sees images of stunning basses on our web site or the Overwater social media pages, we see each post and think of the person who first pictured that bass in their mind’s eye. When we close the hard case lid, we like to imagine where the bass is being sent to, and hope that, when the lid is next opened, it reveals a dream made real for the new owner…

Thank You to all our customers who were patient with us as we got to grips with social distancing in the workshop and remote working etc., and Well Done to all of us for getting through 2020 – whatever that meant on an individual level.
Although COVID-19 is not quite done with us yet, the feeling is definitely more optimistic now that the vaccines are being rolled-out, and the prospect of getting back to live music is closer and more exciting than ever before – and so 2021 is already looking a lot brighter!

The only question remaining is – are we going to be making your dream a reality in 2021?

Until next time…




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